Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1st DIBS

My favorite website for design inspiration or finding the perfect piece, not to mention one of the best designed and functioning sites out there. 1st dibs brings the finest showrooms from around the world to your desktop. All the images are top notch and have extensive descriptions of the individual items, their cost and their history. I have spent days perusing this site and continue to go back to see what is new and exciting! Here Are a few of my favorite Art Deco delights, that I compiled for my future dream dressing room! Check it out for yourselves @
every glamorous space needs a avatar of sorts ~ mine would be this gleaming goddess!

and of course a knight in shining armor! this piece is painted on glass and I would light it from behind!

A couple lovely chairs for guests to sit and chat while I decide what to wear!

and of course a fainting sofa, for when an hour has past and I still have not decided!

to create that rose colored glow which makes everything more appealing, I chose this pendant light 

this mirrored skyscraper chest would house my huge collection of gloves, hose and scarves 

a pair of sconces for mood lighting and reflecting the sheen on the silk upholstered walls!

This would be the perfect slipper chair for my dressing table - something with substance!

and of course a lovely bar set for entertaining ~ I think eight glasses will do!