Friday, January 13, 2012

Eating in Asia

One of the best parts of this trip was sampling the diversity of flavors as we traveled from country to country! Starting in Singapore we sought out their famous "hawker" centers for local favorites (Chicken Rice), got our hands dirty eating Singapore Crab and had some amazing Biryani in Little India! Once we were aboard the cruise ship ~ the food took on a whole other dimension ~ there was so much of it, it was fantastic and we basically scheduled our days around our meals! Then in Bali we sampled some of the local delicacies along with hitting a fabulous French restaurant on New Years Eve. In Vietnam we sipped ice coffee's and my fiance learned how to make authentic Vietnamese spring rolls at a local cooking class! Hopefully he'll be making them at home soon. Here's a taste of the Orient!

The ever~changing faces of Facebook

With the onset of Facebook's new Timeline ~ I decided to create something unique to use for the top of my wall where most people seem to be displaying a sky-scape or beach scene (well, I should say in preparation of my new timeline layout, cause I haven't actually made the switch yet). And like a light bulb popping up over my head, I suddenly realized I needed to do something more creative and unique for my own BLOG! (. . . uhto replace the sky-scape/beach scene I have above!) Embarrassing right, I know?! So this weekend I will put my creative cap on and come up with something more original and fitting for SPECKtacular Style, I mean ~ where are my priorities, right??  I call this one: Profile ~ Blurring the lines.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

M.I.A. {missing in action}

For the past three weeks, I have been having way too much fun globe-trotting to spend time updating my blog! After a very long year, my fiance treated me to a truly amazing vacation. First we flew to Singapore, then after a few action packed days and nights, we left on a 12 day cruise that visited five islands in Indonesia ~ Puechang, Semarang, Lombok, Komodo, and beautiful Bali! After that we sailed back to Singapore before flying to Vietnam to explore the city of Saigon!
It was an Asian dream come true!