Thursday, March 22, 2012


Felicia could never forget Simon. Their time together had been the best memories she'd ever had. The last time she saw him was etched into her minds eye ~ that afternoon walking across the bridge. They had spent the whole day together in the park. He had brought his camera and taken her to a secluded area. He opened his knapsack, pulled out a box and handed it to her. Inside it was filled with tiny blossoms of forget-me-nots, her favorite, and amongst them was the most beautiful necklace she had ever laid eyes on. He had it custom made for her in the shape of a serpent inset with tiny beads of turquoise. Simon was an artist, so very gentle and childlike. He would take photos of Felicia and incorporate them into his art sometimes. He called her his shadow~dancer, and she loved that name. They had talked of moving to Bali together and living by the ocean, but that would never be, for he was gone now . . . forever. . . and so was a part of Felicia.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Princess Aquamarina

Princess Aquamarina has ruled over her frosty lands for a long long time. In fact time itself moves very slowly on her barren moon orbiting Neptune in the far reaches of space. But deep inside this celestial sphere spinning in space ~ rivers run through icy caves and a mysterious heat surfaces through fissures in the ground, allowing life to flourish in this long-forgotten land. Aquamarina is a gentle yet commanding ruler. However, as of late she has taken to spending most of her time dreaming the days away in her ice crystal castle, quietly contemplating the losses in her life ~ and she has had many. But she takes solace in the fact that one day too she might eventually die, and be presented with a entirely different life.