I have the good fortune of having a fiance who is an extraordinary  chef (among other things!) So I am treated to culinary delights on a daily basis. This section highlights some of his amazing creations. If you have any questions about recipes - leave a comment and I'll get you details! 
A recipe from Vij's restaurant in Vancouver ~ Lamb Popsicles!

Scallop sashimi on Shiso leaf!

New England Lobster Bake - made all in one pot!

Japanese style grilled salmon

Dennis' original cucumber margarita! Made with fresh cucumber & lime juice and fresh jalapeno infused tequila!

Homemade fresh mint and green pea soup

Homemade New England clam chowder

Thai steak salad

Vietnamese spring rolls with pork, shrimp and mint leaves

Crab stack on a bed of avocado and topped with fresh citrus salsa!

Grilled sword fish with cilantro pesto sauce

Perfect fried chicken with a yummy salad

Grilled prime rib which had been sous vide to perfection then flash grilled

Tuna Tartare on Avocado and cumcumber

Home made Bacon ~ thats right!

Spin on a Caprese Salad with Borota cheese!
Dennis' signature cheeseburger

Tartare done three ways, salmon, yellowtail and tuna!

Dennis' famous homemade pie! I've yet to have a pizza better than his!!

Steak and Eggs a la Dennis!

Yellowtail sashimi with jalapenos

Fried green tomatoes!

The ultimate banana bread!

A traditional Maine "Lobsta" roll!

A perfectly compose Nicoise salad

Grilled swordfish, with prawns and with cilantro sauce 


During a visit up North, some friends treated us to some amazing Sushi at a small unassuming restaurant in a Menlo Park strip mall called KAYGETSU ~ so good!

The photos speak for themselves! Here is what Zagat had to say:
“You’ll be hard-pressed to find Japanese food made with
more care and flair” without “getting on a jet to Tokyo”
attest admirers who say get thee to this “spartan” yet
“transcendent” “power dining spot for VCs” in a
Menlo Park strip mall; the fish is “├╝ber-fresh” and
the seasonal kaiseki dinners are“extraordinary”, from the
“beautiful presentation” that’s like “art on a plate"
to the “melt-in-your-mouth creations” that taste like
“heaven”; the “drawback: you must offer your paycheck
to the sushi gods” (“genius chef”/owner Toshi) but it’s
“worth every penny.” 

A few of the amazing dishes my love has prepared for me on Valentines past!

Heart shaped Tuna sashimi!

Grilled duck breast, with frisee salad and goat cheese filled heart pastry puff! 
Duck confit with potato-corn cake in the shape of a heart with grilled red pepper arrow!

and of course some chocolate to finish things off! xooxox