Saturday, February 12, 2011

~ Horses lend us the wings we lack . . .

As an early Valentine's gift, my honey took me to see Cavalia in LA last night! What an amazing show! The horses in their troop were such exquisite creatures in every sense. It was so beautiful to watch the amazing bond that the trainers had with these exceptional animals. The pictures grasp only a tiny bit of the splendor that this show embodied!!

The show is currently in Burbank until February 27, If you have a chance - check it out, you will not be disappointed! You can order tickets @

OMG! Jane Aldridge!

Just discovered this distinctive style maker and her amazing blog ~ SEA OF SHOES! It is hard to believe an 18 year old could have such style and fashion fearlessness! Bravo to Jane Aldridge

Here is a sampling of her to-die-for shoe collection. Her blog is a must see

Friday, February 11, 2011

Frolic'n with fashions

A week in the wardrobe ~ lunch dates + meetings = dresses!
I just adore this purple confection of a dress from Twelve Layers paired with large scale grey fishnets, Calvin Klein heels and topped off with my vintage purple hat.

This is my favorite blouse - I have had it for years and unfortunately cut the scratchy tag out at some point, so I no longer know who made it! But this fun little shirt was a fabulous find at Forever 21!

This sassy little dress is from Sara Berman - I LOVE the crazy print with magic mushrooms!

This lacy dress from Laundry has been in my closet for a while, but I am still not tired of it! Here I paired it with a vintage chamois and this great old hat a friend gave me!

I feel so pretty in this lovely Rodarte dress I recently picked up at Wasteland in LA (my favorite store!)

For more fashion fun, check out my updates on THROUGH THE WARDROBE!

A taste for the exotic!

a few delicious "spicy dishes" to inspire your weekend wardrobe!

in the bedroom

The most intimate of rooms, where we are able to be our most vulnerable . . . 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

playing dress-up at the beach . . .

Last week I was asked by the talented photographer (and my good friend) Ingie Markovich to do a photo shoot ~ I was thrilled with her unique approach and dramatic style ~ she titled this album "Annie's Wonderland" quite fitting I think!

all photos by Ingie Markovich

I jump at any opportunity to wear one of my many wigs and dress up in outfits I might not have an occasion to wear under "normal" circumstances! I think its clear from the photos ~ I'm having a blast!! Thanks again Ing!! XOxo

Heaven on Earth

On my very first visit to Europe ~ many many years ago, I had the good fortune to take a weekend side trip to a place (at the time, I had not heard of) called Lago Maggiore! We drove from Southern Germany, the Black Forest region, through the Swiss Alps and arrived at our location, a tranquil lake in Northern Italy surrounded by a lush hillside with snow capped peaks beyond. At the time, I was 22 and I had never seen a place so beautiful. Well, a lot of years have past and I have traveled to many gorgeous places, but for me, nothing has topped this little slice of heaven!
Here I am enjoying a draft with my German friends, Wolfgang and Jens after a day of exploring the villages

The lake is surrounded by charming seaside villages that have not seemed to change much over the century's.

Many of the buildings in the villages date back to the 13th century!

During my short stay I did not visit (nor was I even aware of) the exquisite Palace on Isola Bella
This is the main reason I can't wait to return! This privately owned island is my personal vision of heaven

One of the many terraced gardens! 
and another . . . . . (I think I would be content just to be a grounds keeper here!)

An interior shot of the main palace building! (inspiration for Lenox china pattern no doubt!)
All the old streets winding up the hillside are so narrow ~ you see little old cars like this Citron everywhere!

A few vistas of this lovely paradise that has remained out of the limelight all these years,
unlike it's cousin Lake Como with George Clooney and his paparazzi! Hope to go back soon!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Musings on mosaics

Here are some amazing mosaics I've snapped photos of recently . . . 
The showroom window of Sicis in NYC and yes that golden shoe is a bathtub! Their stuff is the best!
Check out their amazing designs and huge selection of glass and stone mosaics @
This fun facade of Polly Maggoo (local dive)  on Rue Saint Jacques in Paris caught my eye while
strolling back from a visit to Notre Dame.
I just adore these mosaic sculptures by the very talented artist Elizabeth Healey ~ I want one! See more
of Elizabeth's stunning mosaic creations @ 
This is a local Laguna Beach installation using tiny glass tiles - its creates such a vivid image!

The bottom of a fountain at the Art Museum in Vancouver ~ love the play of water over the mosaics!

Spotted this on a road trip, we spent the night in Half Moon Bay and this large wall mosaic charmed me!

Mosaics aren't limited to tile! This clever artist used old computer keys to create this memorable piece!

fortune cookies!

another day, another step . . . 

1st DIBS

My favorite website for design inspiration or finding the perfect piece, not to mention one of the best designed and functioning sites out there. 1st dibs brings the finest showrooms from around the world to your desktop. All the images are top notch and have extensive descriptions of the individual items, their cost and their history. I have spent days perusing this site and continue to go back to see what is new and exciting! Here Are a few of my favorite Art Deco delights, that I compiled for my future dream dressing room! Check it out for yourselves @
every glamorous space needs a avatar of sorts ~ mine would be this gleaming goddess!

and of course a knight in shining armor! this piece is painted on glass and I would light it from behind!

A couple lovely chairs for guests to sit and chat while I decide what to wear!

and of course a fainting sofa, for when an hour has past and I still have not decided!

to create that rose colored glow which makes everything more appealing, I chose this pendant light 

this mirrored skyscraper chest would house my huge collection of gloves, hose and scarves 

a pair of sconces for mood lighting and reflecting the sheen on the silk upholstered walls!

This would be the perfect slipper chair for my dressing table - something with substance!

and of course a lovely bar set for entertaining ~ I think eight glasses will do!