Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Musings on mosaics

Here are some amazing mosaics I've snapped photos of recently . . . 
The showroom window of Sicis in NYC and yes that golden shoe is a bathtub! Their stuff is the best!
Check out their amazing designs and huge selection of glass and stone mosaics @
This fun facade of Polly Maggoo (local dive)  on Rue Saint Jacques in Paris caught my eye while
strolling back from a visit to Notre Dame.
I just adore these mosaic sculptures by the very talented artist Elizabeth Healey ~ I want one! See more
of Elizabeth's stunning mosaic creations @ 
This is a local Laguna Beach installation using tiny glass tiles - its creates such a vivid image!

The bottom of a fountain at the Art Museum in Vancouver ~ love the play of water over the mosaics!

Spotted this on a road trip, we spent the night in Half Moon Bay and this large wall mosaic charmed me!

Mosaics aren't limited to tile! This clever artist used old computer keys to create this memorable piece!