Saturday, September 10, 2011

~ Spread your Wings ~

You will never know just how high you are able to soar, until you spread your wings and allow the wind to lift you to new heights. Happy flying!

Friday, September 9, 2011


This last installment in my Specktacular Style Fall Fashion Week is my tribute to Ralph Lauren ~ my very favorite fashion designer! His career has spanned decades, yet if you look at his work twenty five years ago  ~ it is still elegant and classic. I love his work, he can blend elegant old jewelry with casual or even rustic materials and everything is always perfect. I put my own spin on this look that I call Vintage Chic, with my signature floppy hat, a very cool custom belt (I picked up in LA) and layered denim and suede over a vintage silk & beaded cami!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today's ensemble is inspired by black pearls. Traditional pearls typically have a very pure simplicity about them, where as black pearls are rare and mysterious. I have always loved the all winter white look, but this time I wanted to add a bit of edge to"pearl" white and contrast it with raven hair and strong make-up, to give it a more powerful effect rather than the innocence usually associated with whites. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

FALL FASHION WEEK {British Racing Green}

This is one of my favorite get-ups! I was inspired by the idea of a drive in the English countryside  ~ in an antique convertible jaguar (in british racing green, but of course). This wool gaberdine blazer and wool felt hat started it out and from there I thought I'd take a more masculine approach with the leather pants and thigh-high boots, finishing it off with a silk scarf around my neck for a bit of sophistication! And of course what looks better with hunter green than RED hair!!

I love getting comments or thoughts!! So pretty please leave me a note if you stopped by!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

FALL FASHION WEEK ~ {Annie get your gun}

This look is inspired by the Wild West! It's for the independent spirit! The recent remake of the movie True Grit was one of my inspirations as well as DSquared's Fall line with their layering of leather and plaid! I love this crimson red ~ especially accented with grey and black. Plus I think layering multiple plaids adds a lot of dimension to the style, topped off with some big ruffles!! And with a long skirt like this - its easy to conceal your shotgun with a leg strap!! xox

Please be a doll and give me some feedback - what you like and don't like! ;}

Monday, September 5, 2011

FALL FASHION WEEK ~ {My many faces}

While I was editing this series of photos for my very first installation of the Specktacular Style Fall Fashion Week, I found that some of the images didn't really look like me? From time to time, people will tell me I remind them of someone, the past few years I have been getting Kate Hudson (which is super duper flattering!) and then recently Julianne Hough (who I actually had to google to see who she was), but I never really saw it.  However, reviewing these photos to find which I liked the best, I couldn't help but see some of these people emerge from these shots, (or maybe I'm just spending too much time by myself)!
Here is My first Fall 2011 ensemble ~ I call it Boho~rock~n~roll chic! 
A great look for a concert or just a night of bar trolling in the city!!

Here are some of my celebrity impersonations!! This one is Kate Hudson

No one has ever told me I look like her ~ But this reminds me of Jennifer Aniston!

In this one I'm channeling Julianne Hough (If I could only dance like her!)

This one is definately ME ~ well, they all are, but I make this face all the time!!

Pretty please leave comments this week! I would absolutely love to get your feedback on my ensemble creations and which looks you love or hate! I will be debuting a new outfit each day this week!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall Fashion Week!

Prepping for my very own Specktacular Style fall fashion week!! Stay tuned!