Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the art of display

Accessories are the jewelry of a room, and artful display makes ALL the difference! Here are a few examples that really work.
I love this sleek clock perched on some vintage books & reflecting in the mirror A+!

A beautifully appointed desk makes you want to work! I saw this gorgeous bird in NYC
the last time I visiting and I  thought it had a perfect perch!
This room was clearly designed by a MIX-MASTER

Pairing like colors and adding accents, displaying your objects d'art just so, and adding the unexpected!

Brainchild! This is a clever and elegantly designed space ~ I adore the cut crystal decanters on display
and being used as pendant lighting! Brilliant!

With this silver-leafed ornate console table and mirror, these sleek accessories are the perfect compliment