Thursday, February 3, 2011

local color

Whether I am shopping for a client, strolling through galleries on an art~walk, or just out and about, I always have my eyes on the look-out for interesting art. Something that tells a story I have not heard before, or mixes color in a way that my eyes can not resist. The paintings below are pieces that caught my eye (and then were caught by the lens of my camera!) 
This picture is all about the story! Hanging at the Canter's Art Center at Stanford University.  It is a
 portrait of the Stanford Family by Thomas E Hill in 1878 ~ I particularly love the bear rug on the grass!

This lovely multi-media piece by Ingrid Dee Magidson is made with several layers of glass that have
been painted on and embellished with bits of sheet music, butterfly wings and lace! Her work can be found
at the Marion Meyer Gallery in Laguna Beach

This glamorous piece by Andy Moses is even more amazing in person. The photo is not distorted,
he is known for stretching his canvases in unusual shapes, this one bows inward at the center.
His work can be found at the Peter Blake Gallery in Laguna Beach

This captivating, albeit somewhat disturbing piece, is another interesting example of mixed-media,
Gold leaf, cellophane, etc., I saw this at the Fendi showroom on Robertson in LA - during last years artwalk.
(I regret I did not get the artist information) 

This is an eye catching oil that I picked up a couple years ago at a local consignment shop.
It was not signed, however I felt the artist had an original style and I love the way they
captured the movement of this bird in flight!

This painting I found at the Laguna School of Art and Design's gallery. It was done by a student, and I can
not read the name noted beside it, however I felt they have a great understanding of  lighting as well as
a good sense of composition and ability to capture drama!

This interesting piece by Margo Selski is titled Machine in the garden, I found her style
and subject matter drew me right in, and it's a painting I like to look at again and again.
You can find more of her work at Glass Garage Fine Art on Robertson Blvd. in LA 

This piece is another work I did not get artist information on, but it was so "out-there" I couldn't resist
snapping a photo. I found this during the Los Angeles Downtown Brewery Artwalk ~ that happens
twice a year and is a great venue for up and coming artists to strut their stuff!