Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SPECKtacular getAWAYS!

A little while back I got the opportunity to stay at the unbelievable Post Ranch Inn, in Big Sur. It is a weekend I'll never forget. This place is a slice of heaven perched on the majestic cliffs jutting high above the Pacific. As soon as you drive onto the property you realize you are someplace special. The grounds have a very natural feel with fabulous specimen trees and indigenous growth, but made magical with cleverly placed large works of art scattered all over the property. When you reach the hotel's "lobby" you are given a reception cocktail and your car is parked (no cars are allowed past the entry to eliminate noise pollution), and a golf cart takes you to your private bungalow in the woods! Each guest suite is a stand alone architectural masterpiece ~ nestled so subtly into the landscape (they did not remove one tree when building this resort!). I could go on and on, but I'll let these photos tell the story. 

Big Sur coastline as we were speeding up the curvy coast!

The Sierra Mar Restaurant perched at the edge along with one of several infinity spas!

A couple of the individual guest bungalows built amongst the trees!

The ocean front bungalows are built to blend into the terrain - foliage grown on the rooftops!

Woodsy interiors with SPECKtacular views!

Our balcony!

View looking down onto the Pacific

A nature walk in the morning, took me along side this pond and past this lovely water feature!

A souvenir from the visit! A cookbook from the Sierra Mar! I can' say enough about this restaurant!

Their brunch buffet was out of this world, love the architecture of this space!

You feel like your on the edge of the world!

 One last thing . . . you foodies out there, their restaurant ~ Sierra Mar ~ is worth the trip alone!