Monday, September 5, 2011

FALL FASHION WEEK ~ {My many faces}

While I was editing this series of photos for my very first installation of the Specktacular Style Fall Fashion Week, I found that some of the images didn't really look like me? From time to time, people will tell me I remind them of someone, the past few years I have been getting Kate Hudson (which is super duper flattering!) and then recently Julianne Hough (who I actually had to google to see who she was), but I never really saw it.  However, reviewing these photos to find which I liked the best, I couldn't help but see some of these people emerge from these shots, (or maybe I'm just spending too much time by myself)!
Here is My first Fall 2011 ensemble ~ I call it Boho~rock~n~roll chic! 
A great look for a concert or just a night of bar trolling in the city!!

Here are some of my celebrity impersonations!! This one is Kate Hudson

No one has ever told me I look like her ~ But this reminds me of Jennifer Aniston!

In this one I'm channeling Julianne Hough (If I could only dance like her!)

This one is definately ME ~ well, they all are, but I make this face all the time!!

Pretty please leave comments this week! I would absolutely love to get your feedback on my ensemble creations and which looks you love or hate! I will be debuting a new outfit each day this week!!